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Risk Management

Our seasoned team is comprised of highly skilled specialists in risk management, and aside from our unrivalled services, they are among the greatest assets that we’re proud to promote. We provide your firm with the necessary tools and experience to optimize trading revenues. Delivering everything from consulting services to fully outsourced risk management, we work synergistically with any brokerage to provide bespoke solutions.

Providing real-time analysis with our automated risk management reporting and alerts, helps to protect our clients from the risks associated with trading conditions that exist beyond specified risk tolerances. In conjunction with this is our technology, which automates routine dealing operations – saving you on money and overheads, as well as your most precious resource: time.


The dedicated support of our experienced risk management team equips you with 24/5.5 monitoring of trade flow and pricing across all product types and market conditions.


With our extensive experience in working with both local and international brokers and liquidity providers, we’ve compiled a repository of expertise in creating bespoke liquidity solutions for brokers of all sizes. The aim is to help our clients boost and maximize returns, manage risk effectively, all while maintaining profitability and continuing to deliver a competitive edge to their clients.


When it comes to reporting, our packages are pivotal for providing the intraday, end of day, weekly, and monthly data necessary for analysing your trading activity. From our reports, clients can gather intel and take the required actions to promote profitability. This includes:

  • Profitability: Client, Liquidity Provider, and Overall
  • Profitability and Volume by Client and Instrument
  • Client Equity and Cash Movements
  • Trade and Position Reconciliations

And what’s more? Our dedicated team can customize reports upon your request, to meet your unique and specific needs.


Client Support and Advice
Our operations team is available to support your product offering to keep it competitive and profitable. This includes symbol maintenance, swap updates, and contract expirations.


Book recommendations & Client Selection
Our risk managers can give you real time book recommendations to ensure your risk is adequately mitigated and your profits are being promoted at every turn.


Trade, Client and Risk Alerts
Our trade alerts are sent in real-time, ensuring that when suspicious activity is picked up, or client behaviour changes – it is immediately flagged, and you are instantly notified of potentially toxic trading and other activity outside of your pre-defined risk tolerances. All alerts are fully customizable to suit your specific needs.
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Superior Support

We are available 24 hours a day to support our clients and to provide the resources needed to optimize profitability and facilitate growth.


Risk Management Specialists

Our team is known around the globle for one thing - to optimize trading revenues and mitigate risk for our clients.


Bespoke Solutions

No cookie-cutter approach. Our unique consulting services can be tailored to suit our client's specific needs.


Proprietary Technology

Our trading technology is developed with risk management and profitability at the forefront in mind.