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At Traders Global Group our mission is simple: to provide superior security solutions to our clients for their business, assets and safety of their end users. We’re dedicated to the continuous progression of risk management for brokers, by expanding innovative services and outsourcing our capabilities.
In the current age where growing technological challenges require superior strategies, it takes a critical combination of astute advice and innovative solutions to manage risk.

Our consultancy service allows us to gain a deeper insight into your unique requirements so we can offer solutions tailored specifically to you.

With both local and global experience, our seasoned risk management team offers consultancy services to our customers that reduce risks, taking a fully customer-oriented approach.

From standard analytics to cybersecurity, we ensure all bases are covered so you can conduct business with peace of mind.

In today’s world, brokerages are reliant on the use of software for performing everyday operations – they’re not just supplementary, they form the cornerstone of your business.

That means having the highest standard of hosting infrastructure is mission critical.

With Traders Global Group, our full-service platform provides a hosting solution that is always “on” – for a scalable, secure solution.

Plus, our outsourcing capabilities mean that you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware, or train existing or new staff to use software – you can cut down on your business costs and focus on what’s most important: being the best broker.

We never cut corners or compromise. All our servers are built only using the most robust and reliable hardware with world-leading technology.

Get the Global Trader’s Group advantage:

  • Minimize costs in buying infrastructure and management by investing in an outsourced cloud-based service with specialists, instead of relying on physical machinery and training staff.
  • Increased flexibility to embrace societal changes as they emerge
  • Full security as your server will sit behind a high-grade firewall, housed in our certified centers.
  • Total reassurance with the knowledge that our seasoned engineers are managing your solution to provide round-the-clock support
  • Reduced risk by hosting in our secure data centres, protected by industry-leading Service Level Agreement

Our service capabilities are the superior standard when it comes to your business operations – helping to position you above your competitors and cut through the noise.

Outsourced services are the future – and we can help you visualize the most successful trajectory in which your brokerage can grow.

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We are available 24 hours a day to support our clients and to provide the resources needed to optimize profitability and facilitate growth.


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Our team is known around the globle for one thing - to optimize trading revenues and mitigate risk for our clients.


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No cookie-cutter approach. Our unique consulting services can be tailored to suit our client's specific needs.


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Our trading technology is developed with risk management and profitability at the forefront in mind.