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Trading Technology

Traders Global Group’s proprietary trading technology has evolved to provide robust and reliable risk management tools that have a fine-tuned focus on maximum risk management and promotion of profitability.

Our breadth of services are designed by risk management professionals with the end user as the primary focus. Following stringent legislations and compliance, our aim is to ensure the security of our clients where our services are provided. It’s the combination of our expert knowledge and extraordinary team that provides a firm foundation for the gold standard in risk management outsourcing solutions.


With our FIX API solution, clients can connect directly to their brokerage, making it simple and easy to expand your own client base.
Liquidity Provider
Becoming a liquidity provider does not have to be a hassle – when you leverage our tools, you can trade directly with your institutional clients FIX API. Orders can be booked and maintained in a manner that ensures maximum profitability for your brokerage.
FIX API Trading
You can accept FIX API flow from any FIX engine, as well as offer FIX API trading to clients through any bridge or trading application.
Generating New Business
As a traditional retail broker, you can enter the institutional space without the help of additional platforms.

MT4/MT5 Bridge

When you partner with us, you can enjoy our innovative software, designed by our in-house risk managers, which connects brokers directly to the liquidity providers of their choice. This allows brokers to tailor their books of business to balance profitability and risk.
Risk Management and Mitigation
Risk management is all about the little details. We know having to restart servers or edit client groups can be a hassle. That’s why our first-class functionality and flexibility provides you with the tools to manage and adjust any cover and hedge settings in real-time – no fuss necessary.

Orders can be managed based on several criteria, including account or group, time of day, symbol, order size, account balance, leverage, client order comment, and more.

Plus, you can even customize pricing within the bridge – for the easy management and control of liquidity provider routing, markups and min/max spreads.

Reduce Plugins
The key to risk mitigation is in reducing the number of market-making plugins on your server. This eliminates the technology risk associated with running multiple concurrent rules, with the added bonus of eliminating extraneous costs.
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