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Managed It Solutions

We offer a vast and unrivalled range of IT solutions to our clients.

It’s not just our world-class infrastructure or our specialist solutions that make us unique – it’s our personalized service that positions us above the rest.

At Traders Global Group, we’re the human face of IT and risk management solutions. With our robust and reliable support, coupled with high standards of technical ability – we maintain a firm commitment to positive client outcomes.


We recognize that brokers today depend on IT more than ever. It is no longer just an option, it is a strategic imperative that brokers of all sizes choose the right technology, protect their assets in IT infrastructure and benefit from behind-the-scenes support in real time.

It’s not just a streamlined or secure way to conduct business, it’s a future-proof way – with your investment ensuring your relevance in the coming decades.

Our hosting provides you with speed, scalability, and security – allowing you to host all your servers from one of our premier data centers. Managed by our team of highly qualified professionals, your live and demo servers will benefit from the most robust operational reliability.


Our hosting platforms deploy a full range of monitoring systems that support several integral functions – including some that would otherwise be impossible with traditional or legacy technology platforms. Our aim is to minimize customer downtime and maximize their trading experience. Plus, our monitoring service is available 24/7 with no automated responses, just real people on the other end.

DDoS Mitigation

Dutifully deflect DDoS attacks with secure solutions. Such attacks often render your services unresponsive. We provide DDoS mitigation services for all of our hosted solutions. Unlike other security solutions, ours is a proactive system that detects and prevents potential attacks before they have a chance to occur – rather than a reactive system that tries to fix a breach after it already compromised your security. We utilize on-premise and cloud-based mitigation throughout our global data centers. All potential vulnerabilities and breaches are critically monitored from our central unit which operates 24/7, 365 days a year.
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Superior Support

We are available 24 hours a day to support our clients and to provide the resources needed to optimize profitability and facilitate growth.


Risk Management Specialists

Our team is known around the globle for one thing - to optimize trading revenues and mitigate risk for our clients.


Bespoke Solutions

No cookie-cutter approach. Our unique consulting services can be tailored to suit our client's specific needs.


Proprietary Technology

Our trading technology is developed with risk management and profitability at the forefront in mind.